A collection of news articles highlighting issues in the Anne Arundel County Sheriff's Office.

  • Voters ask why there is only favorable coverage of the current Sheriff on Anne Arundel First Alert and why other candidates are not featured in the same way. Could it have to do with the information shown here in Sheriff Bateman’s most recent campaign finance report with payments going to the founder of that site and another person at the same address for other “services”?  Click Here to Review the Original Campaign Statement filed 01/17/18.


Read the original arrest article from The Capital Gazette.

Read excerpts from the 911 call about domestic abuse from Sheriff Bateman’s wife as printed in The Capital Gazette.

Read PDF of original arrest report as published by The Capital Gazette.

View PDF of original full arrest draft and report with photos, record of victim communication with police, investigative comments and victim signature published by the Capital Gazette.

Read Capital Gazette article about public officials positions on Sheriff Bateman case and some calls for him to resign.

Read Capital Gazette coverage of statement from Sheriff Bateman’s wife about altercation.

Read Capital Gazette article about Sheriff Bateman seeking his guns returned days after his arrest.

Read Capital Gazette article about domestic assault acquittal subject to completion of counseling.

Read Capital Gazette article about Sheriff Bateman travel expense (meals) for another person being denied.

View Capital Gazette PDF copy of Sheriff Bateman expenses and County review correspondence.

“Democrat Bateman to switch political parties” Capital Gazette October 13, 2015.

Read the November, 2017 Audit of the Sheriff’s Office improperly managing Federal and County Child Support Enforcement Grants.



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